State of Facebook: 1 in 4 users is mobile only, brands will pay more


Beinahe 80% der Benutzer greifen einmal im Monat über ihr Mobile auf Facebook zu. 25% dabei sind „mobile only“ User. D.h. eine Social Media Kampagne sollte zwingend Facebook berücksichtigen und Mobile-kompatibel sein. Aufgrund der Umstellung des Algorithmus sind bezahlte Beiträge essenziell.

One of the most important parts for marketers is the penetration of mobile devices in the Facebook economy. Nearly 80% of Facebook users access the service at least once from a mobile device per month, and one in four people use Facebook exclusively from a mobile device.

Think about all of the ads you’re probably running on Facebook, all the content you’re posting, all the lead generation efforts you’ve got going. If your conversion efforts are not mobile-friendly, you are effectively throwing away 25% of your Facebook marketing dollars completely, and making it unpleasant for 3 out of 4 potential customers.

With these latest updates, we can safely offer this guidance universally to all marketers and PR professionals engaging in social media:

  • Should you have a Facebook strategy? Yes.
  • Should you have a paid Facebook strategy? Yes.
  • Should you have a mobile strategy? Yes.
  • Are teens fleeing Facebook? Who cares? 44% of the Internet-enabled human race is on it.

The bottom line: Facebook is not optional for anyone in PR or marketing doing a social media campaign.


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