How to measure the PR value of a blog


  • Exposure: This is where impressions and readers live. How many people are we getting in front of? Some professional bloggers have media kits that provide snapshots of analytics for potential advertisers, and those media kits can be very helpful for establishing the value of a PR hit on that blog in terms of raw audience.
  • Search value: What does the blog contribute in terms of authority? How highly ranked is the page authority?
  • Social: Does the blog have a social community that goes with it, and if so, how large and engaged is it?
  • Advertising: Does the blog accept advertising that could dilute your message or provide paid competitors a chance to interrupt your message? Do you have the opportunity to run a paid campaign alongside an editorial placement?
  • Surveying: If a blog’s community is engaged enough, is there an opportunity to survey its community members and see how strongly your message resonated?
  • Marketing: Look in your analytics tools. How much traffic has the blog driven to your properties already? Watch carefully after a placement – how much traffic did the blog drive to your properties? Did the blog’s audience perform better or worse than other channels?
  • Sales: The bottom line number: how many people from the blog converted? It’s worth asking bloggers how their audience performed in other similar companies’ placements, especially if you’re paying to play. What conversion rates did other advertisers and media partners experience?


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